We initiate & create space for intentional conversations, meaningful self reflection, & individual collective action

Customer Discovery

The Customer Discovery phase is designed to connect with the Leaders of the organization and understand where they’ve been, where they are, and where they want to be. This phase includes focus group conversations and assessment of DEI survey results. We utilize our Employee Journey Framework in order to design an actionable strategy and measurable outcomes that align with the vision and culture of the organization.

Strategize & Prioritize

Intentional Action

Assess Impact

Iterate & Evolve

Once we’ve aligned with the Leadership team on current state and desired state, we then collaboratively develop an actionable Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy designed to meaningfully impact the culture and elevate the employee experience. We’ll outline priorities, as well as near term, mid term, and long term strategies with the goal of embedding DEI across the entire employee journey.

Following the Strategy Development and prioritization phase, we’ll move forward with intentional action that aligns with the organizations Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion commitments. This could range from company wide DEI trainings, to reviewing recruiting and hiring strategies, to evaluating internal processes. Our goal is to take intentional action that creates a meaningful impact.

The Assess Impact phase is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the DEI strategy and tactics.
Our primary questions here are:
1) What action did we take?
2) What was the intent?
3) What was the impact?
4) How can we iterate & evolve in the future?

Because the work of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is an ongoing process, the final phase is focused on learning, iteration, and evolution. Taking the learnings from the previous phases, we’ll iterate on the strategy and implementation plan with the goal of empowering the organization to create a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive culture throughout the entire employee journey.

A Strategic, Holistic & Human-Centered Approach to DEI Work

Not sure how to bring the work of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion to life at your company?

Our dei organizational Maturity model is a great place to start. Get in touch for more information.

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The work of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion plays an incredibly important role in the Employee Journey.

Our goal is to make sure it is a priority at every step along the way.


During Employment


The work of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion starts before the employee ever walks in the door. From recruiting and sourcing, to marketing assets and the onboarding process, it’s essential that your DEI strategy incorporates every aspect of The Employee Journey.

Once the employee is hired, it’s critical to consider how Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion shows up in the Employee Experience. From your Vision and Values, to Learning and Development, to Products and Services, an effective DEI strategy can make all the difference in how it feels for employees to work at your organization.

The transition of an employee out of an organization often provides a window of opportunity for DEI reflection, growth, and evolution. Practices like reviewing turnover data by demographic group, or looking at exit interview feedback can provide meaningful insight into how people are experiencing your organization, and serve as a key indicator of strengths and growth opportunities.

Consulting & Training Packages

Consulting Only

Training Only

Consulting + Training

•  Discovery Session with Leadership Team & Internal DEI Team

•  Review Existing Survey Results / Facilitate Survey

•  DEI + Employee Journey Consulting + Strategy Session

•  Provide Strategic Recommendations

* Retainer options available

•  Discovery Session with Leadership Team & Internal DEI Team

•  Facilitate 2 - 4 part Learning Series with Executive Team, People Leaders, or Company Wide/All Employees

•  Training Topics will depend on & align with areas of focus for the organization

* Ongoing training options available upon request

•  Discovery Session with Leadership Team, Internal DEI Team, + Employee Survey

• Review Existing Survey Results

•  DEI + Employee Journey Consulting & Strategy Session

•  Provide Strategic Recommendations

•  Facilitate Leadership + Company Wide Learning Series (Training Topics will depend on & align with areas of focus for the organization)

*Ongoing DEI Strategy Consulting available upon request

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Tim Mullen - CEO of Redpepper

"The Courage Collective team has incredible emotional intelligence. They quickly created a safe space for our entire company to open up and have meaningful, vulnerable conversation. I could not be more thankful for the personal and professional growth that has come as a result of this experience with The Courage Collective Team.

Catherine Seeds - President at Ketner Group Communications

“This is by far one of the best investments we have made as a company. The Courage Collective team provided a safe space for our team to learn, talk and grow in our journey. The topics that Daniel, Nani and Lindsay covered in our sessions will not only help us develop more inclusive policies as a company, but will help us as individuals be more aware of how we can serve as stewards for change.”

Jeff Ketner - CEO at Ketner Group Communications

“Our training with the Courage Collective was an eye-opener. Daniel and his team are skilled at helping people feel safe when discussing tough topics, and equally important, the training sticks with you: I’ve found myself thinking daily about many of the things we learned. This is how real change begins.”

Jodi Murphy - Head of People Operations at ProviderTrust

“We are mighty grateful for the thoughtful and intentional conversation that the Courage Collective brought to our workplace. The Courage Collective Team equipped us with new principles and frameworks to consider, while simultaneously inviting us to have healthy and open dialogue around what it means to be empathetic, responsible, and aware of the role we each play in our continued growth and understanding around how to be a more inclusive workplace."

Samara - VP of Sales & Marketing at redpepper

"Daniel, Lauren and Nani are amazing humans who care deeply about arming their clients with the tools and education to create a more inclusive workplace environment. Our entire company has benefited from their ability to create a safe space to be vulnerable and open to learning."