Most companies only think about DEI work through the lens of recruiting and training. In our view, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

In order for DEI work to be successful, it has to be strategic, holistic and sustainable.  There are no shortcuts, but if you really want to do the work, we're here to help. Our services are designed to help you maximize your impact and create positive change in your organization.

A holistic process designed to ensure your DEI Strategy is embedded across the entire Employee Journey.

DEI Strategy Development

A thorough audit of your DEI Strategy, as well as your practices, policies, procedures, and comms to identify areas of strength & growth opportunities.

dei audit

An intentional space for employees and leaders alike to share experiences and perspectives that we turn into actionable insights. 

focus groups & listening sessions

A robust survey designed to gather actionable insights and establish a baseline understanding of how employees are experience the organization.

inclusion & belonging survey

Donna Bellamy

"TCC partnered with KERN to elevate DEI planning and implementation. The TCC team helped us think through our current strategy and provided critical insights, direction, and framework to make our plan clearer and more substantive. In addition, all of the TCC team members we worked with are thoughtful and brilliant communicators. They made the process a series of compelling and valuable conversations."

Group account director  |  kern

ana leen

“Daniel Oppong and the Courage Collective have been able to harness the passion and energy of our DE&I leaders in a way that brings focus to the work we do. They helped us bring our team of almost 40 individuals across several different agencies together and facilitated conversations that allowed us to walk away with a cohesive and actionable strategy. No easy feat with so many brilliant minds in one room.”

director, DE&I  |  Omnicom

dan nardi

“The Courage Collective has been instrumental in helping us move our best intentions into meaningful initiatives. They lead with caring and understanding, which helps build the initial partnership, but it is their ability to drive to action and results that truly sets them apart.”

chief operations officer  |  carrum health

michelle mahony

“The Courage Collective has accelerated our DE&I efforts in a meaningful way, putting our team members at the center and infusing education, deep listening and real conversation that has impacted every member of our team. We have work to do for sure, but we would not be where we are without the efforts of The Courage Collective.”

managing partner  |  daggerwing group

sarah marino

“The Courage Collective was a phenomenal partner that we hope to continue working with. They brought an incredible combination of curiosity, candor, support, and clear direction. In a market that is overflowing with DEI consultants and trainers, the Courage Collective stood out with their enormous warmth and deep expertise.”

vice president  |  campbell & company

Spencer Rose

"Daniel and team assisted KERN build upon our Belonging culture and core values by helping us strategically plan and implement two specific initiatives to boost engagement. The desired results were achieved and will allow us to measure ongoing progress. The TCC team is smart, approachable, and responsive – providing valuable insights and guidance throughout our engagement while tailoring approach and tactics to our organization’s culture and goals."

SVP of Human Resources | KERN

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