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a courage collective brand

Artwork by Jordan Casteel

We believe courageous parenting is a commitment to improving the world around us through our roles as parents and change agents.

As courageous parents, we recognize our responsibility to unearth the intergenerational trauma that systems of oppression and privilege have created in our families. We are courageously seeking to dismantle those systems in partnership with other parents.

We are inspired by a future where our children are educated, energized, and committed to continue a family legacy defined by humanizing others.

what is courageous parenting?

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Why Courageous Parenting?

With the current energy of the world being filled with divisiveness and fear-based tactics, the role of parents and caregivers to create a feeling of home for their children is imperative.

Courageous Parents are motivated by a future where their children are educated, energized, and enthusiastic about humanizing others. They prioritize connecting with their children, being vulnerable with their children, and empathizing with their children’s development process. Courageous Parents desire to create a home where the fluidity of humanness is seen as a pathway for self-discovery and familial bonding.

Who is this for?

This is for parents, caregivers, individuals who are interested in parenting, want to become parents, etc. who are looking for a new definition of parenting that focuses on empowerment and redefining what it means to be a “good” parent.

You can participate solo in the experience or with a partner.

The Courageous Parenting journey doesn’t seek to define “right” or “wrong” parenting. Instead, it aims to hold space for parents who are looking to raise their level of consciousness for the benefit of their children’s wellbeing. Parents will leave this course feeling challenged yet supported—expanded yet grounded. 

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