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Diversity, equity, & Inclusion Consulting & Training for the modern workplace

At The Courage Collective, we impact organizations by facilitating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion conversations designed to:

At The Courage Collective, we impact organizations by facilitating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion conversations designed to:

Create Space for radical empathy, emotional & psychological safety, and intentional action

Challenge the systems, structures, and day-to-day practices that perpetuate racism, oppression, and marginalization

Inspire the courage that is required to do the real (and often uncomfortable) work

The Courage Collective Service Offerings

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Our Consulting Services are designed to take a Strategic, Holistic, and Human-Centered approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work.  Our goal is to collaboratively create sustainable impact and positive change in your organization.

Our DEI Training Sessions are designed to foster impactful dialogue and shared experiences, that lead to intentional action, meaningful self-reflection, and ultimately, personal & organizational transformation.



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At The Courage Collective, we believe that its Moments of Courage that move the world, and whether that moment is simple or heroic, individual or collective, our goal is to create the space to help you find it. Here's our team, and here's what courage means to us...

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Tim Mullen - CEO of Redpepper

"The Courage Collective team has incredible emotional intelligence. They quickly created a safe space for our entire company to open up and have meaningful, vulnerable conversation. I could not be more thankful for the personal and professional growth that has come as a result of this experience with The Courage Collective Team.

Michelle Mahony - Managing Partner at Daggerwing

“The Courage Collective has accelerated our DE&I efforts in a meaningful way, putting our team members at the center and infusing education, deep listening and real conversation that has impacted every member of our team. We have work to do for sure, but we would not be where we are without the efforts of The Courage Collective.”

Dan Nardi - Chief Operating Officer at Carrum health

“The Courage Collective has been instrumental in helping us move our best intentions into meaningful initiatives. They lead with caring and understanding, which helps build the initial partnership, but it is their ability to drive to action and results that truly sets them apart.” 

Catherine Seeds - President at Ketner Group Communications

“This is by far one of the best investments we have made as a company. The Courage Collective team provided a safe space for our team to learn, talk and grow in our journey. The topics that Daniel, Nani and Lindsay covered in our sessions will not only help us develop more inclusive policies as a company, but will help us as individuals be more aware of how we can serve as stewards for change.”

Haley Devlin - Chief Operating Officer at Stratasan

"Engaging the Courage Collective team has made a hugely positive impact on our company. The company-wide DEI sessions encouraged employees to engage in vulnerable conversations, which have deepened relationships and built trust among the team. Overall, the initiative helped us all think more critically about the components of DE&I and how we can work toward meaningful improvements as an organization."

Jodi Murphy - Head of People Ops at ProviderTrust

"We are mighty grateful for the thoughtful and intentional conversation that the Courage Collective brought to our workplace. The Courage Collective equipped us with new principles and frameworks to consider, while simultaneously inviting us to have healthy and open dialogue around what it means to be empathetic, responsible, and aware of the role we each play in our continued growth and understanding around how to be a more inclusive workplace."